The Detection and Response Testing Platform

Prelude Detect is the world's first detection and response automation platform designed to find and fix missing security telemetry, detections, and preventions. Measure your defenses against an ideal outcome, then quickly fill in the gaps.

What Makes Us Different

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Keep a pace that is one step ahead of your AI-enabled adversaries by transforming your threat intelligence investments into actionable tests. With the click of a button, create scale-ready tests that are ready to measure an expected control behavior.

One-of-a-kind Defensive Integrations

Surface telemetry gaps, missing detections, and unresponsive preventions and lean on our one-of-a-kind defensive integrations to automatically remediate your exposures with validated responses.

Security That Scales

Leverage Prelude’s production-ready testing infrastructure to assess your security posture against the latest threats, at scale. Find and fix soft spots quickly, without compromising on assurance.

Production-scale Detection and Response Infrastructure for Enterprise-grade Assurance

Prelude provides the testing infrastructure, automation, and integrations required for a low-touch assurance pipeline so you can know with certainty that you are protected against the latest threats.

How it works

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Automate the process of finding and fixing missing telemetry, detections, and preventions.

Automated detection and response

Validate that your defenses are working exactly as expected with the same scale and scope of your Security Operations Center.

Production-scale control validation

Transform your threat intelligence investments into actionable outcomes, with a two-click overhead.

Actionable threat intelligence

Threats are moving at machine speed.
So should you.

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