February 15, 2024


Announcing Our 2024 Partnership With Flying Lizard Motorsports

I’m thrilled to announce that Prelude Security will be a sponsor of the 2024 Flying Lizard Nissan Z GT4 Customer Team - driven by Stefan Rzadzinski and Damir Hot. Damir has been one of the earliest advisors and investors in Prelude - and I’ve been privileged to watch his involvement in professional motorsports. 

As I’ve learned more about professional racing and the ingredients it takes to run a successful team, the similarities between racing and world-class cybersecurity have become more obvious. It’s not an accident that the world’s leading cybersecurity companies are some of the primary team sponsors in Formula 1.

First, we know that security products in the age of autonomous cyberwarfare must operate at machine speed. World-class racing is measured in thousandths of a second, and companies expect similar precision when it comes to detecting and responding to new threats. What has struck me as being even more relevant, however, is the culture of successful racing teams and the lessons learned for organizations like Prelude.

Think about who is drawn to spend their life inside of a professional motorsports team. People that are obsessed with precision, engineering, excellence, data (literally raw telemetry), and problem solving. No two laps are ever the same, and no two seasons are ever the same. The only thing binding excellence together is an obsessive culture, week in and week out. It is crucial that Prelude operates the same way - otherwise we will fall short of the expectations from our partners and customers.

That’s why we are thrilled to be involved in one of the sport’s most successful teams. We will continue to associate ourselves with the most precise, obsessed-with-excellence brands on the planet. Expect even more from Prelude this year along these lines. 

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