Prelude’s mission is to preempt cyberthreats by helping organizations know if they are protected with complete assurance

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Guiding Principles


We lead with humility, placing it at the center of our decision making and choosing to be self aware about our capabilities.


We do the right thing and act with integrity, even if it means choosing the harder path.


We commit to excellence, in our products, services, and interactions with others. Every detail matters.


We advocate for compounding improvement, where incremental changes lead to significant impact over time.


We move with velocity, not just for the sake of speed, but with a clear purpose in mind, to move faster than the speed of adversaries.


At Prelude, we are a fully remote workforce. We empower our employees to exercise autonomy and ownership. We believe in giving our team members the freedom and responsibility to excel in their roles. Our approach to success is centered on humility, trust, and empowerment, focusing on hiring top performers who not only deliver results but also embody our values.

As a business we strive for continuous compounding improvement, both at the organizational and individual level. We pursue excellence in all aspects of our work, from our products to how we support one another. While we move swiftly, we hold ourselves to high standards, expecting nothing short of perfection. Our velocity is driven by purpose, enabling us to outpace adversaries and achieve our goals efficiently.




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Recruitment Process


Introductory Call

Initial phone conversation with our Talent team to learn more about Prelude, our team, the role, and our expectations.


Hiring Manager Interview

This video interview delves deeper into your experience and its alignment with the team's needs. It also provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the team you’ll be working with and the expectations of the role.


Technical Evaluation(s) / Skills Assessment

Here is your opportunity to show off your technical abilities and problem-solving skills. You’ll tackle real-world scenarios or coding challenges, in a collaborative video setting, to showcase your expertise.


Culture Interview

You will have the opportunity to have a video call with one or two of our leaders to learn more about the culture at Prelude. This is our chance to share Prelude’s guiding principles and answer any questions you may have.

To ensure comprehensive evaluation for our hiring team and our candidates, we may want to schedule additional conversations as needed.

Current Openings

Industry partners

We’ve partnered with leading defensive technologies to enable closed-loop detection engineering and simplify deployment.

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