Continuously Auto-Harden Falcon Insight XDR

Prelude Security and CrowdStrike have partnered to provide assurance to customers that their defensive protection is continuously up-to-date and improving, based on the latest threats.

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When your board asks: "How do we know we’re protected against the latest major attack?” – how do you answer?

With Prelude and CrowdStrike - you can now answer with complete assurance that your defenses are working as intended, and improving as quickly as adversaries are.

The CrowdStrike and Prelude Solution:
Self-Improving Cybersecurity

CrowdStrike integration within Prelude Detect

Test. Validate. Then Test Again.

Prelude auto-tests production endpoints, ensuring CrowdStrike properly detects emerging threats in a customer's live environment. For any that go undetected, CrowdStrike and Prelude work together to update CrowdStrike's threat intelligence engine. Prelude subsequently re-runs the test - verifying that the updated engine blocks the threat.

Deploy to Any Falcon-Protected Host. Instantly.

Connect your CrowdStrike account to Prelude to effortlessly deploy probes to any of your Windows, Mac, or Linux hosts.

CrowdStrike integration within Prelude Detect

The Prelude-CrowdStrike Loop

Prelude + CrowdStrike diagram


Prelude Security Secures Investment from CrowdStrike as Companies Partner on Enhanced XDR Protection

CrowdStrike Invests in and Partners with Prelude Security to Drive Continuous Security Testing and Validation for Our Customers

Prelude Detect in the CrowdStrike Store: Production-scale continuous security testing platform

Attaching Your CrowdStrike Account and Deploying Probes with CrowdStrike: Prelude Detect Documentation

Learn more about the Prelude + CrowdStrike integration

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