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Designed for organizations of all sizes. Runs on every production endpoint, continuously.

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Defences to Protect You

“We finally found a technology that will effectively measure the maturity of our controls and give CISOs the confidence they need to answer the most common question from the board, 'Are we protected?'”

– Fortune 20 CISO

Prelude Detect enables any organization to ask questions about their security systems. Those questions will be delivered continuously, through Verified Security Tests (VSTs), and will elicit intelligence in an actionable, quantitative way.

What makes us different?

Actionable Intelligence


Actionable Intelligence.

Our Security Research Team continuously monitors threat intelligence channels for new exploits. Within minutes of discovering a new exploit, the Prelude team will defang, rebuild and test that exploit against your systems - notifying you automatically if your systems are vulnerable.

Continuous Testing


Continuous testing, everywhere.

Prelude Detect continuously tests all of your defenses (cloud, servers, workstations, etc.), looking for vulnerabilities and exploits against them. No surprises. Ever.

Resource Prioritization


Prioritize where your resources go.

Our reporting is designed to help the CISO and their team make better decisions, faster, about what to prioritize. Report up to the board and with the security team.



Designed by the team behind MITRE Caldera.

We maintain Prelude Operator and Build - the infrastructure security teams rely on for purple teaming and vulnerability testing. Operator integrates seamlessly with Detect to make your internal team's testing actionable across the whole organization.



Probes, not agents.

We understand agent fatigue, which is why we’ve invented a new category of process - the probe. Non-persistent, designed to be ephemeral and wrapped with safety features - our probe can run alongside your EDR agent to continuously improve your defenses.



Interoperable with defenses. By default.

We have partnered with some of the leading EDR providers to make deployment of Prelude Detect simple (no additional installation required), as well as directly integrating into defensive agents to ensure they are stopping what they should be, when they should be.

Vulnerability vs. Exposure

Test to measure controls. Not scans.

Vulnerability vs Exposure. Understand your actual risk.

Our approach to security starts with the understanding that there’s a difference between knowing that one of your systems might have an unpatched version of a software platform running, and knowing that the vulnerability is unprotected, actually leaving your enterprise at risk. We surface that difference by taking scans a step further, and actively run exploits against all of your relevant endpoints. We’ll check if your defenses are capable of catching them. 

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A brand new category

Continuous Security Testing – security that scales.

We know that your team can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we are - for you. We challenge all of your systems to find vulnerabilities where they exist. We attempt to automatically remediate protections by coordinating updates with your defenses to keep you safe. Most importantly, we keep testing, continuously, to catch problems that happen when your controls stop working, opening new holes in places you used to be protected.

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Your NetworkActive Security Intelligence
OT Device

Guarding your defenses

Test everything

Detect is designed to work on IT, OT, ICS and IoT devices. In order to give you a complete intelligence of your heterogeneous infrastructure, Detect must work everywhere.

Built for scale

Prelude Detect exists everywhere your defenses do. We run questions against your cloud, containers, servers, VMs, workstations, and everything else that needs defending.

With, not against, defenses

We harden cyberdefenses. To do that, we’ve partnered with leading EDR providers to automatically improve their efficacy, giving you assurance that your defenses are continuously improving.

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