When a major cyberattack happens, every relevant governance body (Board of Directors, national government, intelligence agencies, etc.) asks the same fundamental question:

Today - the answer to this question is uniform and terrifying:

Buffer Overflow
CRLF Injection

We believe that the reason that answer currently exists is because there is a missing first order category in security - Active Security Intelligence.

Without the ability to directly ‘ask’ your system questions in order to elicit internal intelligence, cyberdefenses will continue to operate in a model of Schrödinger's cat - unable to give leaders assurance around the safety of critical systems. At scale, Prelude is designed to continuously probe millions of hosts with critical tests, in order to gather national-scale intelligence about the efficacy of the nation’s cyberdefenses.

Our solution

Your Network
OT Device
Active Security Intelligence

Prelude is a technology company that hardens cybersecurity defenses.

Organizations of all sizes can use our tools to run continuous security tests against their systems to discover areas of weakness to fix. We do that in a way that's safe, transparent, and integrated with existing defensive tools to allow organizations to get ahead of real incidents before they happen.

Why this matters

Why does this matter?

Organizations are overwhelmed by the increased velocity and complexity of cyberattacks. Whether big or small, the responsibility for:

  • Gathering external threat intelligence
  • Making that intelligence “useful” for their environment
  • Running tests against their system
  • Measuring defensive efficacy

falls to understaffed security, or more commonly, IT departments. The current system is unscalable, and represents a crucible moment for our security infrastructure.

The burden for making intelligence more useful, and ensuring it gets better over time, should fall to companies like Prelude that specialize in making this technology more accessible.

Our mission is to increase the reach, frequency and usage of advanced security for all organizations.

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