November 2, 2023


Prelude Wins Top InfoSec Innovator Award

What's the pinnacle of validation for an enterprise technology company? Easy. It’s earning the trust of your audience as they evolve from a potential buyer to a customer. In our first year of offering our production-scale continuous security testing platform, Prelude Detect, to general availability, we’re fortunate enough to have experienced this in spades. 

Now, we’re excited to share a first-time validation milestone: Prelude has been named the winner of Cyber Defense Magazine’s Top InfoSec Innovators Award for “Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Startup.”

Year in Review

Bringing a new product to market – and category, for that matter – requires a heroic amount of sweat equity and focus from all parties involved: employees, partners, VCs, users, and customers. And when everyone is rowing in the same direction, good things happen. 

In lieu of a victory lap, let’s do a quick look back at some of Prelude’s most significant milestones from 2023:

  • January: Prelude introduces the Verified Security Test (VST) – the safer, scale-ready format of the TTP, designed for production systems.
  • March: Prelude Detect goes live with general availability, offering an extremely low barrier to entry – free to use on up to 25 endpoints.
  • May: We announce our partnership with CrowdStrike and availability in the CrowdStrike Marketplace. Simultaneously, we release our integration that enables shared customers to expedite exposure remediation and easily deploy our 1kb micro-agent, the Probe, at scale.
  • September: Our Security Engineering team averages a 16-hour turnaround time for turning CISA Advisories into production-ready security tests.

Peppered throughout the year were innovative product releases, new integrations, and countless opportunities to reframe how people think about security control validation and assurance.

Joining the Cybersecurity Awards Circuit

When we talk with customers – and our users – we consistently get positive feedback about Prelude – from CISOs to the SOC (and all its specialized teams) to the IT and security engineering teams.

To give you a sense, here are a few comments from our community:

“There is no other company doing continuous security testing at scale in production environments, which made purchasing Prelude Detect an easy decision for our leadership. By integrating Detect with our defensive controls, we have achieved a ‘self-healing’ effect that continually optimizes our security defenses. The capability to create custom tests empowers us to assess our protection against emerging and company-specific threats. When the board asks us if we’re protected against the latest threats, we can provide a definitive answer backed by metrics to validate our response.”

 IT security leader at a financial services company

“What really kind of excited me about Prelude is that unlike conventional Breach and Attack Simulation Tool solutions, which kind of test a small subset of assets, Prelude tests 100% of the assets in your environment, giving you full visibility into your control efficacy.”

Bradley Schaufenbuel, Vice President and CISO

It's only after receiving this incredible feedback from our valued customers that we decided to finally enter the awards circuit.

Taking Home the Hardware: Top InfoSec Innovator Award

Cyber Defense Magazine’s Top InfoSec Innovator Awards are a well-known honor in cybersecurity. The program recognizes outstanding innovations, organizations, and leaders that are advancing the practice of information security. 

Who’s to thank in all of this? Our customer and user community. We’re grateful for their trust and hugely beneficial feedback that allows our world-class engineering organization to continually iterate and innovate.

If you’re interested in trying our award-winning continuous security testing solution, head to As always, the service and all of our security tests are free to use on up to 25 endpoints.

Happy testing.

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