August 23, 2023


Introducing Continuous Security Testing for Containers

Container usage is on the rise, yet most security solutions fail to provide a complete picture of each container’s security posture. That’s why we are excited to announce the industry’s first continuous security testing solution for production container environments. Now, organizations can know with confidence that their containers are protected from the latest and most critical threats.

Continuously Test Production Containers at Scale

In the last several years, containers have gained significant momentum and quickly become the go-to solution for enterprise application development and delivery. In fact, Gartner predicts that more than 90% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 2027.

With the massive uptick in containers, it’s become increasingly important to ensure the security of these environments, as well as validate the efficacy of defensive tools. Enter: Prelude.

Our new solution gives organizations a detailed and highly accurate assessment of their true container security posture, so they can know with confidence that their container environments are protected. Using Prelude Probes – kilobyte-sized processes that run inside each container – organizations can safely test production container environments with virtually no overhead.

Testing vs. Scanning: Achieving True Security Validation 

Most defensive security solutions today do not run inside production containers. Instead, external scanning techniques are applied to search for potential vulnerabilities. While these techniques provide some insight into whether a known CVE or vulnerability might be present within a container, they are largely unable to determine whether that vulnerability can actually be exploited. As a result, external scanning techniques are unable to provide full visibility into whether a container is truly protected. 

Rather than scanning for vulnerabilities from the outside, Prelude Probes is able to run inside production containers, alongside the core application processes. This allows organizations to safely and efficiently test their containers to determine which vulnerabilities are real versus theoretical, and prioritize where to focus their time and resources.

Moving Beyond the Traditional Endpoint

CISOs and security leaders today face an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, alongside an expanding attack surface of devices, cloud services and more. Now, anything that runs code – from laptops to smart light bulbs and even containers – represents a potential entry point for cyberattacks. 

As such, the definition of an endpoint must be expanded to include any device, container, cloud instance, server, virtual machine or workstation that runs code and interacts with other systems. As the attack surface increases, organizations must find ways to quickly test their entire environment and ensure they are protected against emerging threats. 

Prelude gives organizations the ability to continuously test any devices running Linux, Windows or macOS – and with our latest solution, containers. Going forward, we will continue to expand the scope of our solutions to allow organizations to test all of their endpoints – regardless of their underlying operating system. 

Know With Certainty That Your Defenses Will Protect You

At Prelude, we envision a world in which security leaders, executives and board members can know with certainty that they are protected against the latest adversarial behavior, CVEs, CISA advisories and more. We are proud to be making this vision a reality for our customers today. 

Here’s what one of our valued customers – an IT security leader at a financial services company – shared about their experience with Prelude: 

“There is no other company doing continuous security testing at scale in production environments, which made purchasing Prelude Detect an easy decision for our leadership … When the board asks us if we’re protected against the latest threats, we can provide a definitive answer backed by metrics to validate our response.”

Ready to get started? Try Prelude Detect for free on up to 25 production endpoints. 

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