December 7, 2023

Russian FSB Cyber Actor Star Blizzard Continues Worldwide Spear-phishing Campaigns

December 7, 2023

What we know so far

Star Blizzard, a Russia-based cyber actor formerly known as SEABORGIUM and identified by several other names, is actively conducting spear-phishing attacks targeting individuals and organizations in the UK and other areas for information gathering. This group is assessed by various national cybersecurity agencies, including the UK's NCSC, the US's CISA, FBI, NSA, CNMF, Australia's ASD ACSC, Canada's CCCS, and New Zealand's NCSC-NZ, to be closely associated with the Russian Federal Security Service's Centre 18. The advisory aims to raise awareness about Star Blizzard's ongoing spear-phishing activities throughout 2023.

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