August 23, 2023


Prelude Security Introduces Industry-First Continuous Security Testing Solution for Containers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 23, 2023 – Prelude Security, the company pioneering production-scale continuous security testing, today announced the industry’s first continuous security testing solution for containers. Leveraging Prelude’s proprietary, kilobyte-sized processes called Probes, security testing can now be conducted inside production container environments with virtually no overhead. This allows businesses to continuously test their production endpoints – including containers, as well as any devices running Linux, Windows or macOS – to ensure they are protected against the latest and most critical cyber threats.

“Containers have become the de facto solution for enterprise application development and delivery. However, because defensive solutions typically do not run inside of containers, it’s more important than ever that continuous security testing be applied to these environments,” said Spencer Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Prelude Security. “Our latest solution gives organizations a detailed and highly accurate assessment of their true container security posture, so they can know with confidence that their container environments are protected from the latest threats.”

Until now, container security has focused on external scanning techniques that fail to provide a complete picture of whether an organization is protected. By running Probes inside the container, alongside the core application processes, Prelude is able to robustly validate each container’s internal security posture. This allows businesses to confidently know which vulnerabilities are real versus theoretical, and prioritize where to focus their time and resources.

“To date, no one has been able to definitively answer if a container is more secure than a spinning-drive server or virtual machine,” said David Hunt, co-founder and CTO of Prelude Security. “Now, by running security tests on all endpoints, including containers, you can quantify the difference and test your endpoints equally – regardless of their underlying operating system – and know with certainty that your defenses will protect you.”

According to the IT security lead for a Prelude customer in the financial services industry, “There is no other company doing continuous security testing at scale in production environments, which made purchasing Prelude Detect an easy decision for our leadership. By integrating Detect with our defensive controls, we have achieved a ‘self-healing’ effect that continually optimizes our security defenses. The capability to create custom tests empowers us to assess our protection against emerging and company-specific threats. When the board asks us if we’re protected against the latest threats, we can provide a definitive answer backed by metrics to validate our response.”

Prelude’s continuous security testing for containers is now generally available. Prelude supports two methods for running Probes in containers: a generic script to run a probe in any container and Prelude’s Docker extension to launch Probes inside running containers. 

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Prelude Security allows organizations to know with certainty if their defenses will protect them against the latest threats. Prelude Detect, the world’s first production-scale continuous security testing platform, is designed for organizations of all sizes to continuously run security tests on production machines at scale. Leveraging Prelude’s proprietary, kilobyte-sized processes called Probes, businesses can safely and continuously test how their defenses respond to adversarial behavior, CVEs, CISA Advisories, and more across their environments. The platform integrates with the leading defensive controls and feeds test efficacy data back to these solutions to create a self-healing defense. This allows customers to ensure their security infrastructure is properly configured to defend against critical threats. Prelude is backed by Sequoia Capital, Insight Partners, The MITRE Corporation, CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, IA Ventures, Four Rivers and other leading investors.

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